14 comments on “Yellowstone Bison Running for their lives (1:09)

  1. I’m not to sure I’d like continue going toward where they are running from. They are interesting creatures, once surrounding a car I was in for hours.


  2. Ouch! Another thing to worry about. Nah, I ain’t worried anymore. The world was here before us and will continue after us. Too bad we can’t seem to make it be a paradise like this Earth can be if you let it. Magical is our planet and we despoil her with no regards to her reverence and beauty. Blow Yellowstone! Do your thing Maya!


  3. Bison were seen stampeding through Yellowstone National Park days before the March 30 earthquake, jumpstarting a theory that perhaps the animals had predicted it and were fleeing for their lives. The earthquake, which occurred at 6:34 a.m. local time, recorded a magnitude of 4.8 — relatively light by seismic standards, but still the strongest the park had seen in over 30 years. It was centered in the northwest corner of the park, according to the University of Utah. Yellowstone experiences an average of 1,600 smaller earthquakes each year. The park also sits atop a “supervolcano” — a chamber of molten magma deep beneath the surface that scientists believe has erupted three times in the last 2.1 million years. A popular video, titled “ALERT! Yellowstone Buffalo Running for Their Lives,” had appeared on YouTube some ten days before the earthquake, prompting some users to wonder whether the bison knew something that humans didn’t. Yellowstone Park officials immediately disputed that theory, telling Reuters that the video actually shows bison galloping into the park — not out of it.

    The Los Angeles Times reported that video of the bison was originally posted on the personal Facebook page of Leo Leckie, a sales associate of the nonprofit Yellowstone Association, who told the newspaper that he had filmed and posted the video March 14 under a completely different title: “Yellowstone bison on the run for the joy of Spring.” Misinformation about the supposed stampede was apparently added when someone reposted it to YouTube. Eruptionists and conspiracists pirated the video and misrepresented it, suggesting that it was shot after the earthquakes,” Leckie told the LA Times. “Then news agency after news agency started picking up on it, without looking at the original video to see what my actual intent was.” –CBS


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