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    • I’m living the “quenelle” movement right here in France. To enlight you a bit more i will tell you what it is said about in the mainstream media : the “quenelle” is an antisemitist, racist, nazist and violent sign ! That is what they want the french people believe…it is completely non sense (as often in the mainstream media). The creator of the “quenelle” sign is Dieudonné, a french humorist an actor, he is a person full of love and compassion, and also truly conscious that the hebraic financial system that run the world is not being used for the common good. He fights for liberty, equality and fraternity. If you are interested in what’s really happening in France, search for Alain Soral, a french sociologist who have been attacked more than four times because of his studies upon the global system. Aldous huxley was right in 1939, we are too much programmed to think about revolting, because of Tv, dumb celebrities, brainwashing media, etc. Their game is over, now a lot of us know and live consciously, the elite won’t last long. Wake up and fight for your liberty, then the true and unique God will appear to you. Im sorry my european ancesters have fooled and brainwashed you with christianism.
      Grasshopers have been right all along the way : peace and love ahah (Im certain God agree with that). Antoine.

      • toi tu raconte n importe quoi la quenelle est un signe de resistance et d indignation tu ne fais que relater ce que les médias racontent comme un gentil mouton !!!!!!! quenelle épaulé dans ton fion!!!!nos amis anglophone on le droit a la quenelle puisque c un signe de révolte contre le système

      • Leo apprend a lire l’anglais et reviens parler car le gars explique ce que represente la quenelle pour dieudo et soutien le mouvement en expliquant que les medias et le systeme le detourne pour en faire un sois disant geste nazi ! t’es un vieux troll; apprends l’anglais ;merci

      • D’accord avec ton post d’Antoine, sauf sur un point, Dieudonné a surtout contribué à sa popularité et lui a peut être donné son sens révolutionnaire, mais il n’en est pas le créateur, ce geste est pratiqué depuis plusieurs décennies.
        Sinon, Leo, ferme la à tout jamais ( ou au moins apprends l’anglais :p )

      • Yeah that’s right. Medias try to make french people think that the quenelle is something like a “reverse nazi sign”. But it is absolutely wrong!!! They say that because the quenelle is a sign of contestation which is now make in France by the army, the police and a lot of famous people like Tony Parker, Teddy Riner and football players…
        The quenelle is only a sgn of contestation. Don’t follow the mainstream media.

      • @Abdoulatif Cissé

        I think you are wrong Abdoulatif.
        This sign has really been invented by Dieudo’ there is a long time… The first attempt of “quenelle” appears in the “1905” Dieudonné’s show (year 2005).
        The term “quenelle” and its signification becomes explicit since “Sandrine” show (2009).

      • HASBARA WELL? even if Leo does not know english, at least he is honest guy and not a brain-washed liar who anyway will burn in hell, sorry.

      • Arretez de fusiller Leo. Tout l’monde peut se tromper … et tout le monde ne connait pas l’anglais. … VIVE la International Quenelle ;-)

      • Hey Dear Antoine, I live in Paris too and it’s obvious that the elite is trying to convert this sign into an antisemitic sign, i was shocked here by the fact that each logic and obvious argument is turned by the intellectuals here (so narcissistic) to an antisemitic argument; I know about Bernard Henri Levy who has been implicated in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia and was pushing for a war on Syria by even going up to say that the USA didnt have to care about the UN Russian Veto to attack Syria; these guys are completely anticonstitutionnal, they’re playing with the laws/ but God sees everything

      • Someone told me once not to worry over things I have no control, and yes, there are so many people, young people, even now willing to settle for a far less than adequate life. Everything is in levels; I am but a humble woman, and I enjoyed reading your post.

  1. it ‘s just a start, we will burn this “elites”… a poor is not afraid, he has nothing to loose… from a french poor worker…

  2. Having had to make and cook quenelles in culinary school, I can identify with how it came to mean what it seems to mean now…. It’s a disgusting food, purely designed to use stuff that would otherwise never get eaten, but making it seem as if it is haute cuisine…. The absolute BEST thing I ever heard anyone who tasted it say was, “well, it kind of tastes like chicken”… which was good, as it was a chicken quenelle!….. :lol:

  3. Hi there,

    I am French and I can tell you this has nothing to do with rebellion against “the Elite”. It was indeed invented by comedian Dieudonné, who is a well-known anti-Semite and was convicted many times for that.
    To rebellion French people say YES, to anti-Semitism we say NO.
    Please don’t support this “quenelle” movement, which originates in anti-Semitism, not in rebellion.
    This is the real face of Dieudonné and the origin of his movement : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eFo4BEP6EY (interview given to Iranian tv in which he compares Judaism to a worldwide disease and other interesting concepts…)

    I let you make your own opinion : I am neither Jewish or politician or part of any party or any elite ; just a French person sharing with you what this is really about.


    • Nana stop trolling please.
      Im French and dont listen to NAna.
      Our Fireworkers,policemen and lots of military do this sign to F*CK the system.
      nana is an agent illuminazi ;)))

    • Je vais te répondre qu’en français parce que c’est affligeant, tu les a vu ou les condamnations de dieudonné pour antisémitisme? Les charges ont été abandonnées en Belgique (les plus récentes) et il a du perdre 2 procès sur les 40+ qu’on lui a fait. Fait pas la tocarde, n’invente pas des faits pour te donner de l’importance ou donner un semblant de justification. La quenelle n’a jamais été un signe de ralliement antisémite et je suis presque sur que même toi tu le sais.
      The quenelle has never been, and WILL never be a racist symbol, this article was on point, it’s just about sticking it to the Man. As for her comments about dieudonné, they are far from the truth, the thing is, you can do joke about blacks, asians, caucasians, catholics, muslims, but if you talk about sionists people attack you with the term “antisemitism” because everybody seems to be scared of this word, as if it was beyond racism. Please just do your own opinion about this, try to do research, look at some of his shows ( he is seriously competing richard pryor for best comedian all time) but don’t take for granted everything that is said in the news as our friend NaNa did

    • Dieudonne is not an anti-semite. It is pure BS to ban the guy to express himself.
      He is acclaimed as the Best French comedian by fellow artists.
      His fight is towards antogonism, lobbyism and communautarisms. Jewish, christians, muslims, blacks (he’s black as well but people don’t seem to remember how racist toward blacks as well his jokes were)
      So let’s say people with real humor understands him, the rest a real obnoxious tight-a####.

    • Here we go again …
      I’m also French, and the “Quenelle” is definitely not an anti-semitism gesture !
      You’re a part of these people who are trying to give this gesture a meaning it doesn’t pretend to have !

    • Ans thanks to medias, most French people think like this “Nana”. Trust, this humorist in definitely the best we had in France and this Quenelle has nothing to see with antisemitism. He first did this gesture in a show speaking about dolphins… Are dolphins antisemites ? Who knows ;)

    • FERME LA PHYSIQUEMENT sors tes pauvres arguments mais u ne feras croire a personnes que tous les gens qui sont quenelleurs sont cons ou antisémites alors arrêt ta pleurniche et ouvre tes yeux!!

      • Les “quenelleurs” sont définitivement soit des cons, soit des antisémites, soit les deux. C’est un fait, même si ils ne sont pas au courant.

      • @ AKIM, Tu n’est pas quenelleur c’est clair.

        Par contre en terme de connerie tu as l’air de te placer grave parmi les meilleurs.

        Je te félicite donc…

    • Nana, you’re lying Dieudo has never been conviced for antismetism. You mix up antisemitism with antisionism wich is really different. When you have a disgusting lunch in a restaurant you can say that the restaurant shouldn’t exist, the chief and his food should be kicked out (anti sionism) but you don’t say that all the customer in it are thief too (it’d be antisemitic)…
      Kind Regards,

    • Nana,
      You are the typical kind of person not able to make the difference between anti semite and anti sionist. And as far as we know, even if Dieudo has been in court several times for antisemitism, he NEVER was convicted by any judge for that!!!
      Or maybe the people you are trying to protect are not good enough to judge by themselves?

    • Enfin un commentaire décent ! Je rajoute simplement que la quenelle n’est pas un salut hitlérien, il représente simplement le fist fu*king. Cependant, Dieudonné est réellement antisémite, mais la plupart de ses fans ne l’admettent pas, par ignorance ou par mauvaise foi (je pense qu’ils se font manipuler malheureusement, il n’y a qu’à lire les réponses…). Et donc, en ce qui me concerne, je déteste le signe de la quenelle, non pas pour sa signification, mais parce qu’il a été popularisé par Dieudonné.

      One decent commentary ! I just want to add that the quenelle is not a hitlerian sign, it represents fist fu*king. Nevertheless, Dieudonné is a real anti-semit, but most of his fans don’t want to admit it, by ignorance or by bad faith (I think they are manipulated, you just have to read the comments…). So, I hate the quenelle sign, not because of its meaning, but because it has been popularized by Dieudonné.

    • Dieudonne is absolutely not antisemite. He is antiSIONIST. This is very different.

      Plus his father is from Africa, thus he does not admit that deliberate mass killings of Judes during WW2 in Europe should be worse than slavery of black people in the colonies of France and Great Britain (now US). He also feels disgusted that this very sad event, the killing of Judes, is used politically and by some to make money.

      As an Armenian living in France, I have the same feelings.

  4. I am French and NANA ing several times in his commentary by saying that it is anti-Semitic sign is the assertion of the CRIF equivalant your AIPAC whose purpose is to demonize anyone who does not agree with the “system” to force them to be silent, and then pretending not to be biased political or religious ideology.
    Arrete de mentir NANA, la quenelle est un signe d’insoumission a l’oligarchie et aux mensonges. Mon petit doigt me dit que tu es une petite défécation de la LDJ me trompereais-je, inutile de repondre retourne admirer ton idole Véronique Genest.

  5. i’m french to. AND diieudo is not a antisémite is a antiSIONISTE ! it’s a true hero for all french people.

  6. the zionist conspiration is afraid about dieudonne :)
    the master of the quennelle now what they do
    revlution time is comming
    its time to express your opinion, we are the world, and they are the bad
    we gonna change this world with a revolution , no violence, just love, humanity respect
    we gonna find the light
    dieudonne is a god soldier

  7. Nana ! ferme la à jamais ! on en a marre de la dictature de la bonne pensée orientée !
    Ton histoire d’anti sémitisme on s’en tape royal ! le racisme est plus important et honteux que l’anti sémitisme.
    rien de pourra arrêter la quenelle ^^

  8. In no way is the quenelle an anti-Semitic gesture. Dieudonné is constantly being accused of anti-Semitism because he denounces the criminal policy of Netanyahu and Liberman. Indeed, he is against Zionism. As a matter of fact, he has promoted anti-Zionist rabbis. Dieudonné is the best French comedian as he is the one who sells most tickets, independantly from mainstream media and promotion. Every theatre he fills ends up in a standing ovation. His talent is widely acknowledged in the business. Long live Dieudonné, long live France, long live Europe, long live the whole world.

  9. The original meaning of the Quenelle is to measure the length of what I put in your ass when you didn’t expect it. IT IS NOT AN ANTISEMITE SIGN like all the system medias want it to be. He’s done that for a long time and brings his quenelle to the table in situations that have nothing to do with antisemitism. He was censured in France, forbidden from playing his act for a long time and a lot of people can’t bear the fact that he’s one od the most if not the most selling comedian in France (You can see a lot of people doing the quenelle like judo gold olympian Teddy Riner or Tony Parker )

  10. Quennelle de 190 dans le cul des élites sionistes et impérialistes…qui se moquent de tous les peuples du monde

  11. Dieudo is antisionist, which is far away from atisemite.
    Sionists use the antisemite issue to assimilate french rebels to racisits ans nazis.

  12. I’m french and I have to say that democracy is totally over in our country. The “Human rights” concept now applies to only non catholics, non-white, and left-wing people, churches are being regularily attacked by extreme left-wing roaming gangs in a total indifference from the authorities, people are tagged as “fascists” or even “nazis” as soon as they start opposing themselves to the system… This country has become so stinky that my family and me are actually planning to leave France forever before it gets too late. Hollande and his governement are the worst leaders since a while and our history as a nation is constantly being fouled and severely bullied every day.
    Guys as Dieudonné or Soral are demonized for denouncing all that… etc… If you really want to know more about violence in our country, please read “La France Orange Mecanique” from Laurent Obertone and you’ll have an idea about what France has become nowadays…

    Those who still believe France is still a democracy should come here see by themselves! I lost my beautiful country and I’m really sad!

  13. A little clarification from a fellow French and Dieudonné fan: it is not just fuck the system or state, it is fuck the elite, fuck any patronizing or controlling person or structure, fuck any pseudo-official impostor, any servile figure speaking in line with the system (like popular commercial artists)… you name it. The better way to summerize it is: SIGNE D’INSOUMMISSION (“GESTURE OF REBELLIOUSNESS”, “SYMBOL OF REBELLION”, or, litterally “SIGN OF UNSUBMISSIVENESS”).

    Perhaps the author of this article was to prude for this precision, but the length meusred by the folded arm against the stiff one symbolizes how far up they can stick it. Hence Dioudonné expressions “a 175cm quenelle” (175cm=69”), “a shoudlered quenelle”, or “a quenelle up to and including the head”.

  14. in the french medias, you are now ans “islamo-nazi” if you are among Dieudonné followers….but it’s ok to support people like : Polanski….does this name rings a bell in US ???

  15. Dieudo is anti-zionisme not antisemite, he denounced the Zionist power in France and in the world ’cause one day he made ​​a sketch of israel and the media have accused of being Nazi. Wake up and welcome to the revolution through humor and “quenelle” American people..

  16. I’m a french man and i love dieudonné insofar as he fuck the system and show the réality of SIONISTE manipulation:: he isn’t an anti-sémite since he have many friend jewish for exemple the mouvement NATUREI KARTA who fight with Dieudonné against the Sioniste système…………

    i tell at all anti-systeme of USA and the WORLD to put the quenelle , Quenelle in the ass of us elite
    and refuse the manipulation of sioniste système!!!!!! many jewish in france support Dieudonné..

    KIss….fight for a free world

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    • We’ve been fed the ‘Death camps’ then the Holocaust then the Shoa… no wonder we are fed-up!!!! And YES we start questioning the official Hsitory. There are facts but there is also the on-going story-telling from the ‘authorized authorities’ as Coluche used to put it.
      And it is a FACT that the pressure is on, regarding the whole Shoa business.
      But WHO puts the pressure on and WHY???
      Our ex-President SHarkozy wanted to impose the “devoir de mémoire” (remembrance duty) to all school children who would have had, in class, within the walls of any public (state) school to remember the dead child whose photo would have been assigned to him/her…..
      Parents and people all over France protested and this brilliant idea was discarded.
      This is just an example…

    • Ok The Shoa was Horrible… But the jews are not the only people to have a suffering history.
      45 million American indians were killed in the 200 Years
      How many millions african slaves died in the past 250 Years
      What bout the armenian people?
      It wouldn’t be possible to count all of them…
      And by the way, What happened to the jews, didn’t learn them ANYTHING, as THEY DO EXACTLY THE SAME TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!!!

  18. La quenelle est le geste de ralliement contre le Système dominant, un geste de panache, subversif et révolutionnaire, qui se traduit par « On vous en met une dans le fion et on vous emmerde ». Rien à voir avec l’antisémitisme, ni avec un salut nazi à l’envers, ni avec un visuel nauséabond

  19. I’m french and I’m really surprised the quenelle is known abroad, even in the USA ! I totally approve this article, and don’t forget: the army, the police and even firemen support Dieudonné and the quenelle !

  20. Grave, encore une remarque un peu plus haut cocnernant le SHOAH,
    Alors je traduis ma réponse: ok, ce qui s’est passé est terrible.
    Seulement les Juifs n’ont pas le monopole de la souffrance:
    45 millions d’Indiens d’Amérique massacrés y’a pas 200 ans
    Combien d’Africains morts pendant l’esclavage
    Je ne parle pas des Arméniens…
    La liste est tellement longue qu’elle n’est pas possible à publier.
    Eh bien on ne nous ressasse pas tous les jours la souffrance de ces peuples… avec les Juifs, c’est tout le temps… y’en a un peu marre.
    Ceci étant dt, Ils n”ont visiblement rien appris de cette horreur!!!

    La preuve,


    Alors si on nous lachait la grappe un peu non?

    Bonne quenelle à tous

  21. Wow careful people! This was not created by Dieudonne but reused by him, he is famous for being a huge anti Semite, terrible terrible article there, what a shame

  22. fuck you all elite’s people : bank system, gouv system, ppl are now free in their mind… we will fuck you all… be warned. ppl of the whole world are not slave, we drive your ambulance, we guard you when you sleep… you know the end i think .. ” do not fuck with us ! ” we are human, and will fight for ours right, the whole human rights, and not for your pathetic elites rights, and money slavery. FIGHT AGAINST THE POWER !

  23. j’adore cette histoire de quenelle, j’ai quelqu’un qui m’a dit un jour que ce geste anodin était plus important qu’on ne le pense, car il était révélateur de la trouille que le peuple uni et conscient de l’être donnait a l’élite, en parallèle, voir le bonnet rouge et toutes les tentatives pour qu’il soit salopé, la quenelle c’est l’œillet des Portugais, il faut a toute force que le système discrédite celle ci, et n’importe quel signe de ralliement qui voudra dire, ” on vous la fout au cul, nous ne sommes pas dupe et nous sommes nombreux ” I love this story of “quenelle”, I have someone who told me that this simple gesture was more important than we think, because it was indicative of the
    fright that united and conscious people of be giving to the elite, the quenelle is the eyelet of the Portuguese révolution,it’s should have any force that the system discredits this one, and any rallying which will mean, “it fucks you in the ass we are not fooled and many of us “

  24. to understand in France today, do you should know that a simple t shirt in France, you can be arrest by the police, such as t shirt against gay marriage or a simple red cap rallying cry of protest

  25. and of course in French under any law so, is so is a car written resignation Holland a French patriot protest, Justice took the car and look for the legal basis for 5 days, i prèfer to laught quenelle on your ass :-)

  26. Les amis je tiens à vous dire qu’il n’y a pas de “s” à “media” au pluriel en anglais, on ne dit pas “informations” au pluriel mais “information”, c’est un invariable. Pour “news” c’est pareil c’est un invariable (ce n’est pas un “s” du pluriel dans new-s).
    Et là on peut dire que je vous ai glissé une quenelle de 10, donc ça va c’est pas méchant :-)

  27. What Dieudonné do, It’s bad for french politics and the elite. But we follow to make “Quenelle” because it’s so joking and we know what it means and It’s not the poor elite that will tell us to do and the signification. If you could see the important number of person making it you’ll be supefacted.
    Long life for Dieudonné and long life for the “Quenelle” :)

    • Everybody look at the very last quenelle of this clip. According to Dieudonne the young man was named Romain and died from cancer soon after the picture was taken. His quenelle was for the medical system who could not save him. Up to now this the ultimate QUENELLE.

  28. La Quenelle à l’attaque de l’Oncle Sale ! Dans le fion de l’administration tu peux pas test, si t’aimes le bon Vin si tu fais la fête au Champagne alors tu appréciera la bonne Quenelle 4 étoiles de la mère Micheline ! Watch your back French Revolution is back . . . . . . . .

  29. Something more that you, Americans, shall have difficulties to understand because of the freedom of speech of your first amendment.

    The pineapples seen many times in the pictures and videos is another symbol of the resistance. It comes from a song by Annie Cordy, Chaud Cacao ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY8Nms_VcWY ) modified by Dieudonne into Chaud Ananas ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRrR2YkTGd0 ). The problem here is that this is spoken out as Sho Ananas. This is humoristic anger thrown at zionists, it is not antisemitic nor racist. But Dieudonne could be convicted to 20 days of jail for this song. Decision in 2 days, on Thursday November 28. at the court in Paris.

    Fortunately 20 days of jail is less than crucifixion until death endured by a guy some 2000 years ago for the same sort of critics directed towards the rich and powerful 1%…

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  31. Sorry for my english, I’m Jewish French, and I support Dieudonné. The scoop is not an anti-Semitic act. And I’m not the only Jew in France bear Dieudonné. I myself do. Because the world is very bad. Do not hesitate, Rally to us to say no to the Zionists. Mr Alain Soral is also Jewish, which is why they do not want him to speak in public.

  32. Salut à vous tous : je viens de réagir à une autre page de ce blog en anglais et je me dis que ça serait sympa de dire quelque chose en français pour tous les pauvres types comme toi qui sont des grosses brelles en anglais, oui oui tu peux vomir vas-y !

    donc un petit descriptif de la carrière de Dieudo : d’abord il faut savoir qu’il est le fils d’une mère Bretonne et les Bretons toujours raison et deuxièmement son père vient du Cameroun et c’est pas au vieux singe que tu vas apprendre à faire la grimace. On connaît tous l’histoire des Pygmées et on sait à quel point la civilisation blanche a contribué et continue à détruire les forêts du monde entier.
    C’est vrai que Dieudo est surtout connu dans les média-mensonges comme le pourfendeur d’Israel, complice des USA et de leur politique néo-colonialiste.
    Ceux qui ont vu ses spectacles savent aussi qu’il s’en prend à l’écologie (Rendez-nous Jesus), à la médecine et l’industrie pharmaceutique (Mahmoud, le cancer), au sexisme (Sandrine) aux religions et aux communautarismes (1905) ou encore au racisme (Mes excuses, un de ses chefs d’oeuvre à mon sens). Tu as compris, je considère que Dieudo est le big Boss dans ce monde de l’humour français.
    Depuis trois mois, je tourne en Asie et je continue à suivre les débats français. Pauvre France ! et Hollande et Valls qui en remette une couche, on croit rêver….
    dernièrement j’étais à Singapour et j’ai glissé une petite quenelle qui a fait son effet sur Internet.
    les nouvelles technologies et le web sont en train d’accompagner des changements majeurs dans la société humaine, je sens ça depuis un moment dans mon corps, mon coeur, ma tête et mon âme.
    Ca va continuer comme ça pendant au moins plusieurs années, pour le pire et pour le meilleur.
    Tout dépend de notre capacité à nous organiser pour faire pencher la balance du bon côté, on a pas vraiment le choix de toute façon.
    En tant qu’artiste musicien, clown et autiste Asperger (si tu connais pas, va vis ouvrir un dictionnaire ou ferme là à tout jamais ), j’organise un festival en Gironde l’été prochain et je pense inviter Dieudonné, Albert Dupontel et Keanu Reeves à nous aider à mettre ça en place.
    Certains amis me disent que je prends un risque, franchement j’en ai plus rien à foutre, je n’ai plus peur et comme disait Steve Jobs, vous êtes déjà à poil, la seule chose qui vous reste c’est de suivre votre coeur, de continuer à être fou et de réaliser vos rêves.
    Voilà mon message d’espoir pour cette journée du 24 Décembre.
    Je vous souhaite un joyeux Solstice.
    Love, peace, freedom and happiness from Jakarta

    Hi there, thank you for opening a space for debate and reflexion. Like George Carlin said, we do something that is sometimes lacking : critical thinking….
    First of all, a few facts about Dieudonné : his mother is from Britanny, a rebel country in the West part of France, his father is from Cameroun, an amazing country in Central Africa, with the Pygmees, people living in the ancient forest, gradually destroyed by the so-called white civilisation.
    Dieudonné has written a sketch about them, incredibly funny and depressing at the same time. He is known for his political positions against Israel and American foreign policy. He is also making fun of all the dramas that are happening on this planet right now : environment, big pharma (look at his sketch on cancer in Mahmoud), sexism ( Sandrine), religions ( 1905), racism (Mes excuses, this one was actually shot in Montreal) I have seen most of his shows, either on the internet or live in France.
    I have been in Asia for a few months now and i keep hearing big debates in France, even the President is complaining about him, those professional politicians liars are trying to stop him.
    I was recently in Singapore and i took a picture of myself with the quenelle gesture and i had some nice feedback on this action. It looks and feels like humanity is on the verge of an awesome transformation, well actually it is already happening…. I can just feel it in my body, heart, mind and soul. perceiving the world from a slightly different energy level, i can say this is just the beginning and humanity is going to go thru amazing breakthrus in the next years, it is going to be better or worst, our choice :-)
    As a musician, clown and autism advocate, i am planning a festival in Bordeaux France next summer and i am inviting Dieudonné to be part of this festival or to help us with his name and network. Some friends tell me i am taking a risk, sincerely we have nothing to lose, like Steve Jobs said, we are already naked, let’s be crazy.
    I am writing from my little room in Jakarta, i wish you a happy Solstice.
    Love, peace and happiness.

  33. Sorry for my English,i’ m a poor french guy who has not studied for a long time ,but i want to inform my english brothers on one fact happening now in our dear french country ,firstable ,i have strangers origins ,from north africa and i love France and french people two,i don’t know if i believe on god or not so i don’t practice any religion i ‘ll never be racist or antisemite, because of my background it’s impossible ,i grew up on the suburb of paris in a Hood with more than 60 différents origins and i know dudes have all origins ,second thing i’ll never deny the pain of jewish people during the holocaust.That’s all for the introducing .
    So here in France we are assisting now on a awesome thing ;I explain there is a sionist website here called JSS ruled from Israel but written in french who has started a campain of witcheschase “chasse aux sorcieres” in french ,consisting to identify people who posted a picture of them doing the quenelle and denounce them to their bosses or autorities ,and many of them have been already fired from them jobs ,for example two swiss firemen from geneve or two others members of french army ,they are loosing their jobs because of activists hackers from Tel aviv ,it’s just amazing ,
    It’s true that some people have done this gesture near to jewish symbols ,but i’m sure that it ‘not by antisemitism but antizionism ,so here in France now near 2014 if you don’t have the right anymore to be against the racist state of Israel ,you are nazi ,it” s forbidden to criticise Netanyahu or yo are antisemite,antizionism does’nt exist ,there is only hhhhhhhhhhhhhate like says Dieudonné .
    Happy new year .

  34. I don’t think the argument that says “la quenelle is not antisemetic, just antizionist” holds any water. It’s clearly often used to mock places like auschwitz, synagogues and regular Jews who have nothing to do with the Israeli government. This whole thing reeks of pure and aimple hatred for the Jews a mile away… It’s really sad to see that people are going back to this kind of hateful shit. The world is a complex place with many, countless lobbies and fucked up things going on: if your idea of “revolution” is singling out a minority and blaming them for all the evil in the world, then your grasp on reality is really pitiful. These stupid ideas are dangerous, they can hurt people. This whole thing is fucking shameful.

  35. ignorance is a bless! Dieudonn is antismite. People thinking that the “financial system” is rules by jewish are fools. Seriously open your eyes. YOu can always a jew, a christian or a mulslim who is super rich. you will tell me look at the world bank! yah i see a lo of non jewish names there! I see twiter which is owned by a christian + a saudi prince stop following stupid ideas or movements. Thee is no conspiration no lobby or anything. People are just people 99 of them don’t give a shit about religion. but lack of education often leads to hate

  36. Maybe Dieudonne is antisemitic after all. But the Quenelle doesn’t belong to him. It’s like the red hat or the Fawks mask. It’s a rebellion sign. Soon jew rebels will begin to use that sign, and then things will get serious.

  37. The truth is… as for every F**** little Chritian, Muslim, or whatever consumer living in the USA, France, Italy, GB…. you’ll NEVER get rid of your DEBT. Who gives a F*** if they’re jews or anything else… they’re just robbing us… and if you do not react, your children’s life will in any case be worse than yours – which is, I think, right away not cool. The system is not chaotic, it has a purpose… “democratic slavery”… By the time you’ll understand that, you’ll be be doing the “quenelle” yourself… and get rid of any culpability… because you’ll be fighting for common good, you know that thing who has nowadays clearly disapearred…

  38. ALL OVER THE WORLD. IT S TIME TO RISE UP MY FRIENDS. ITS TIME TO FREE YOURSELF ROM THE ELITES,FROM THE BANKS, ITS TIME TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIBERTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Parsifal
    I’m the author of the above article and I can attest this sign has nothing to do with anti semitism, in the contrary, one should check out what is meant ‘semites’ first before coming to wrong conclusions.
    Please read my newest post in BOLE which has the ability to clarify a few questions:

    In France, Freedom Of Expression is Banned (Quenelle II)

    As to bmc, thanks for asking for permission to mirror my article and so spread – Parsifal

  40. @Parsifal
    I did? *relief* :-) I didn’t remember any more. It will be my pleasure to post your update. I read it yesterday and thought about asking you anyway :-)

  41. When posting something, one should at least know a little background.
    For instance about the overstrung Zionist political, oh, so correct haunch of ‘ANTI-SEMITE’
    What but are the ‘Semites ?’

    Check-out my follow-up blog in BOLE, where the term ‘Semites’ is explained for dummies:

    ‘In France, Freedom Of Expression is Banned (Quenelle II)’

    If I have no idea of ‘something’ (i.e. the dumb-down-broad-mass-corporate-media consumer) and express this ‘something’ it is most likely, in the end, I stand as an idiot.

    Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Stop by again.

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