7 comments on “Morgan Freeman’s brilliant take on what happened in Connecticut

  1. Morgan, do you own a gun? If so, why? Is it to “protect” yourself from other people with guns that normally wouldn’t have one if there where gun control laws?


  2. Oh I so agree with every word in that post. Morgan Freeman is a wise man. We do need to stop rewarding these saddos with notoriety. No details about them should be released. The press in fact all media have a lot to answer to.


  3. Truth is the media wouldn’t do what they do if we didn’t watch it. So maybe instead of blaming the media, we need to look at ourselves as a society and what it is we value.


  4. I’m always amazed by the reactions when something bad happens. People need someone to blame, a name to put on the problem. It helps us sleep better thinking it’s someone else’s problem to fix rather than our own. How many saw him broken? How many turned away?


  5. this is all true, however – it is easy to point fingers at the press.
    i agree that the coverage shuold be at the families of the victims, not at the family of the murderer.
    i also agree that the faces on your screens, the ones that will be etched in your minds are the ones of the 6 and 7 year olds.
    and i believe that if gun control was better, this kid would not have the means to do what he did.
    “we have the right to bare arms” the NRA screams. “fine, have A gun” i say. but why, for heaven’s sake, should a woman hold 6 guns, 2 of which are fully automatic assault rifles? what, a heard of Zombies is about to attack her? get real…
    a person should be able to buy a gun at a 2-day notice, with no background check.
    a kid should not be able to buy 250 rounds of ammo at 7-11 without even showing ID.
    its outrageous that Alcohol control is more strict than Weapon control.
    and that, is in the governament’s hands – and in yours.


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