5 comments on “Paths Are Made By Walking

  1. I am stunned beyond words..
    I know thats hard for you to believe Lou..LOLs
    what an incredible Gift you have shared with me/us ….
    I will reread again and again
    for I know there will be a new sparrow each time I do
    Thank you…I enjoyed this read very much…
    Take Care..


      • what draws you to there….made me want to go wander through Pendle Hills in England or Scotland comes to mind…hmmmm but I think mostly I would like to wander through Tibet….*sigh* once upon a time I would just pack a backpack and go without a second thought,now….maybe one day….
        Great post Lou..Thanks again for sharing…send pictures if you go…then again it sounds like a good roadtrip LOLs maybe you’ll see me there


  2. Lou…. beautiful! The speaker is truly enlightened, and gave me new hope, as he intended…. Thanks for sharing this find….. Though walking for me is now a painful experience, physically speaking, it remains my favorite way to connect with life, for all the reasons he gave. Even now, because I must walk so slowly, I am learning new ways to look around me, and see all the beauty that is everywhere…. Thanks again for the mindful and inspirational post….


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