2 comments on “The IMF Wants You To Pay 71% Income Tax

  1. Gotta say I’m surprised your posting this like this. Not least of all because of the sole dominance of far right libertarian sites reporting this.

    So, from what I can tell this idea would only affect the 1%- and seemingly only the top fraction of the 1%.

    And let’s be clear- it IS only an idea- essentially from a think tank within the IMF looking for ways to solve/reduce nations economic problems without severe consequences for the society as a whole.

    And this is far from a new idea- indeed the evil evil George Soros, among others have supported some version of this in the past.

    So yes, we can view this as some evil communist wealth confisication. or maybe simply the righting of decades of wrongs in a system that allows, no, helps the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

    Regardless- it’s little more then an idea that may help the vast majority of the population while causing little real damage. But it is nothing more then that. Because we as a society will never dare cross the rich…

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