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  1. I like your blog … I hope you are not spamming me … I don’t think so … But Askimet does … Help!

  2. I think your blog is very interesting, informative and stylish…I can appreciate the reasons you started it…I love those pics of the man and the moon….very cool! Thanks for sharing
    And thank you for the follow! :)

  3. Love the idea of stealing from everything that inspire — it’s not theft if we’re sharing! (Robin Hood, says)

    And, Ta da! I’m awarding you the Top Recent Commenter Award!! Yea YOU:) Here’s the link to my post, where you can read the ‘rules’ & get the badge to display on your blog. Thanks for the comments!! http://wp.me/p1zocx-18n

  4. I liked your photos. The quotes above are mind-captivating. Thank you for sharing the wisdom! And thank you for following my blog! :-)

    May you have a lovely weekend, Lou! :-)


    Subhan Zein

  5. I adore these moon moments ! ” There are so many lies and agendas out there that one has to sift thru myriad gems of truth buried in the great avalanche of deceit.” So true. Nice to meet you

  6. Now that I’ve read what you do and seen what you do, I must say, I am impressed with your work. Love the photos. I think plagiarism is the highest form of a compliment, as long as credit is given where credit is due. Did you get an answer from otove? I haven’t yet.
    Have a stellar day!

  7. Do appreciate your work here. Excellent resource! Also very fond of Carl Jung and his theories -so enjoyed your quote above… Best to you ~ Robyn

  8. I am letting fellow bloggers on WordPress know that this platform has promptly responded to my request and as properly advised corrected in the accessible to administrators Stats Chart by country the erroneously used term “Macedonia” until three days ago, to the lawful term F.Y.R.O.M.

    My Email
    “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, i.e. F.Y.R.O.M., as it has been officially agreed by standing U.N. agreements, as well as bilateral ones with neighboring Greece, to be referred to until the relevant dispute between the two countries is resolved, appears nonetheless on the Blog’s Stats Chart injudiciously, offensively and unlawfully as “Macedonia” and must be accordingly renamed.”
    Their answer
    “We’ve made the change to the stats page that you have requested. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.
    Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com

    You may accordingly inform fellow bloggers, should you deem it necessary.
    Please, excuse me for making use of this particular space for that issue, being unable to think of a better way to go about it.

  9. Lou,
    Oh, brother from another mother….. Willow nominated me for the WordPress Family Award, which means I can nominate 10 other bloggers who I feel are part of my WordPress Family too…. So, I picked you as one of my group, though I have to admit I needed more than 10 to do justice to all the good ffolkes here on WP…. :-D Anywho, I think you’re not all bad,
    and now all of WP knows it, too!….

    If you wish to pay the award forward, feel free, but there is no pressure to do so…. just accept my love, and have a good day… but, the rules for the award are on my blog, here: http://gigoid.me/2013/04/07/word-is-wordpress-rocks/ , or at the original creator’s site, here:  http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/

    Take care, my friend, and Blessed Be….

    gigoid, aka Ned, and glad to be your friend….

  10. For some reason, I stopped getting new post notifications for your blog (which I have now corrected). In the meantime, I’m so glad I happened upon this incredibly beautiful post! :D

  11. cool post…lots to see…the words of Jim Jarmusch make me think acknowledging who/where/what i borrow is always possible…lovely to reveal thievery and celebrate it. :-)

  12. no way you are from BC lol.. thats soo cool.. I lived there for 6 years.. 3 Queen Charlotte Islands (Masset) and 3 in the Kootneays, namely Trail / Warfield just below Rossland .. I love BC.. its my mission to get back there, I claim its where i grew up.. and victoria is so beautiful i miss the province .. if only i knew i could get a job, id probably up and go if i could!! I learned about lasqueti island, and its soo cool how their way of life is.. i want that. i want to live in harmony with the environment, but still have access to some of lifes simple luxuries such as the internet and my blog LOL.. i know it can be done. I am determined, just a matter of going through..

    • Fantastic! BC is my fave province so far. Got to love the weather. It’s about 5-7c here. You’re probably at -477 kelvin by now, no? You will make it back. We all do eventually. Cheers! Lou

      • HAHA,, u got me, i am jealous in the most positive way.. your spot on with the temps.. been damn cold here the past week… some conspiracy deep freeze stuff goin on lol.. Ya I will im determined to return, BC = my mecca

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